What type of crate should I get my puppy?

Is your dog familiar with an existing crate?

If your puppy is already familiar with a certain type of crate, then it’s recommended to use that crate.

What we recommend

Scout9 doesn’t promote specific brands unless they rank high among your dog’s individual wellness scores (best fit for your dog). But for new pet parents, generally, we find plastic crates are a better fit.

Plastic crates are…

  • Easier to clean (great for messy puppies)
  • Less prone to incidents (toes getting stuck, jaw getting caught on the bars, etc.)
  • And they are easy to assemble

What about soft-sided fabric crates?

These crates are great, but generally for dog sports – designed to travel. Dogs that are supervised and crate-savvy are great with soft-sided crates, but puppies are not a great fit for these crates.