Pocket Scout

A personal assistant that provides insights and tools to help you manage your dog’s needs throughout their development journey.

  • Guidance

    Backed by science, not magic, we provide vetted guidance for decisions that meet your dog’s individual needs.

  • Insights

    The insights you receive about your dog are vetted and backed by a community of parents like yourself.

  • Timeline

    See what’s ahead in your dog’s development – be prepared for the unexpected.

  • Training

    Stay up to date with your dog’s training, build an impactful relationship, and share your experience to help others do the same.

  • Scheduling

    Use your Pocket Scout to quickly book appointments that fit your schedule and match your dog’s needs.

  • Products

    Verify how well certain products meet your dog’s wellbeing needs. (e.g. is it nutritious? Will this fit after a year?)

How It Works

Community Vetted

All of our guides and insights are backed and vetted by a community of users. Every data input you provide can benefit another parent in your shoes down the road.

Science Backed

Your Pocket Scout doesn’t use any magic to personalize your guidance, the information provided to you is backed by animal wellness models developed by experts.

Personalized Guidance

We only provide you with relevant information about your dog and your intent for whatever you are looking to accomplish with your dog (training, scheduling an appointment, purchasing an item).

Wherever In The Journey

Your Pocket Scout provides guidance and insights that are always credible and relevant to your needs.

Improve Pet Wellness

Personalized guidance and insights that are aimed to give you the insights to make informed decisions to improve your dog’s wellbeing.

Rockstar Pet Parent

Effortlessly become a rockstar without breaking the bank or lifting hitting the books, quick bit-size guidance to get you confident and well-informed.

Peace of Mind

The Pocket Scout works for you to give you more time and confidence to raise your dog.

Trusted Companion

Your Pocket Scout partners with you throughout the entire journey, all the data you provide is 100% owned by you – we never upsell.

Pocket Scout Core Principles

Our mission is to empower you to build impactful relationships with those you love, and we have spared no expense to ensure the Pocket Scout lives up to our mission.

  • Ethnically driven guidance that puts your dog’s needs first.
  • Provides information that is only relevant to you and your dog’s needs.
  • Decision suggestions are backed by science that relates directly back to your dog’s overall wellbeing and nothing else.
  • The guidance provided is backed and vetted by a community consensus of peers (parents like yourself).
  • Trust is critical, that is why 100% of your data will be owned by you and only shared with your permission.

Our Team

Our mission is to empower you to build impactful relationships with those you love.

Patrick Opie

Patrick Opie

CEO Founder

Charles Magnarelli

Charles Magnarelli


Luisa Ruge

Luisa Ruge

Animal Centered Designer, Ph.D.

Alex Baez Vargas Larson

Alex Baez Vargas Larson

Customer Success

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